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We offer 24-hour emergency service and also sell and install flooring including, Engineered Hardwood (TAS), LVP and LVT (Mannington and TAS), Sheet Vinyl (Mannington), Carpet (TAS), and Laminate (TAS). We are a part of the Powell Chamber of Commerce, Cody Chamber of Commerce, and the Carpet & Rug Institute.

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carpet cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning


Carpeting is a large financial investment in one’s home or business, but it is also an investment in the function and beauty of the area. Carpeting requires maintenance to perform to its top potential. Poor maintenance will lead to premature wear, poor appearance, and a diminished return on your investment. Kleen Kare uses the hot water extraction process, also known as steam cleaning, to keep your carpeting looking beautiful. Most carpet manufacturer’s warranties only honor their warranty if the carpet has been professionally cleaned once a year using this process as it is the most effective manner in which to remove embedded soils.

Kleen Kare will keep your carpet’s appearance looking brand new and improves your indoor air quality! Believe it or not, carpeting is like one big air filter for your home. As the air circulates your home it filters through your carpet, and, as a result, your carpet contains pollen, food particles, soils, and other contaminants. Like a furnace filter, those contaminants should be removed at least once a year to provide your home with a clean environment, in the air, and on the floor.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning


Upholstery is a large financial investment in your home and it’s important to have it professionally cleaned regularly to keep it smelling fresh and looking new. Poor maintenance will lead to premature wear, poor appearance, and a diminished return on your investment. Upholstery tool Kleen Kare uses the hot water extraction process, also known as steam cleaning, to keep your upholstery looking beautiful. Upholstery contaminants should be removed at least once a year to keep your furniture fresh and new!

Having upholstered furniture professionally cleaned regularly has two important benefits.

1) Our professional cleaning processes help prevent damage to upholstery fabric by removing tiny soil particles that, when left unattended, slowly scratch, abrade, and permanently change the appearance of your upholstered furniture.

2) Those tiny soil particles are allergens to many people and have an impact on indoor air quality. Having dirt, dust mites, and other pollutants professionally removed from your upholstered furniture helps to minimize allergic reactions.

tile cleaning

Drop Off Service


Kleen Kare’s Drop-Off Service is now in full force. Kleen Kare offers all our customers our exceptional cleaning at extraordinary pricing with our drop-off service. Simply drop off any item you need to be cleaned – rugs, pillows, chairs, sofas, ottomans – and our trained technicians will professionally clean your items at a huge discount! Your items will be ready to pick up within 2 days. Take advantage of these deep discounts today! If you want to save money on smaller fabric or leather cleaning items, please feel free to give us a call.

leather cleaning

Leather Cleaning


The time to have a cloth or fabric sofa or chair professionally cleaned is usually pretty easy to determine: It’s when you run out of cushions to turn over to hide the stains! But what about leather? When does leather need to be cleaned? What is the safest and most effective way to clean and maintain fine leather furniture? Leather furniture and fabrics are a costly investment but can last four to five times longer than fabric. To ensure its lasting beauty, leather must be properly maintained. The great thing about leather, though, is that unlike fabric, neglect and damage can often be corrected or reversed!

Proper leather care should include professional cleaning every six months. Our certified leather specialists will carefully identify leather types and select the products specifically designed for the cleaning and finish of your type of leather to remove soil buildup. Kleen Kare will then condition and protect your leather to revitalize and replenish its natural beauty and feel. Kleen Kare’s leather specialists have been thoroughly trained in how to properly identify your type of leather.

tile cleaning

Tile Cleaning


It is no surprise that dirty grout is the #1 complaint about tile in the home. If you have tile in your home, your tile needs extra care and maintenance that we can now provide for you. Using our proprietary ‘Green’ technology, Kleen Kare will produce clean results in hours, not days! Now there will be no more scrubbing on your knees with the toothbrush for hours. Our cleaning process is environmentally safe for you, your children, and your pets! We can also seal your tile and grout when we are done cleaning it. The best part is the entire flooring in your home will be spotless when we leave! Kleen Kare brings your tile back to its original beauty. When it comes to tile and grout cleaning, and grout sealing, the Big Horn Basin area has one choice in grout and tile cleaning.

water house damage

Water Damage Remediation


Water damage can come from many different sources in a home or business. From a leaking dishwasher or washing machine to a leaking roof or pounding rain, water damage can drench your walls, carpets, furniture, and more. Regardless of where the water came from, after the initial shock and frustration wear off, you must act quickly to avoid further damage such as mold growth. The sooner you call Kleen Kare, the sooner your home or business will be returned to normal.

Kleen Kare understands your frustrations and our technicians are trained and IICRC certified to handle any water damage situation. We are on call 24 hours a day to provide you quality service in your time of need. Our technicians will assess your situation, provide you with the information needed to decide on a course of action, and will begin the restoration process. Kleen Kare does it all – from simply removing the water and drying the floors to complete demolition and restoration if necessary. We can assist you with insurance claims or can handle them completely, whichever is most convenient for you.

sewage damage

Sewage Damage Remediation


Unlike simple water damage, sewage damage is unique and deserves special attention. Sewage is dangerous and oftentimes hazardous. Raw sewage contains bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause serious health issues if left untreated. The most important thing about treating sewage damage is to act quickly. The quicker you contact Kleen Kare, the better chance your home or business will be restored to pre-loss conditions. Kleen Kare excels in the extraction and restorative drying process in these unique situations. We sanitize and deodorize using the most up-to-date techniques available to salvage the structure and contents. However, some absorbent materials such as drywall and carpeting may not be salvageable after contact with raw sewage. Kleen Kare specializes in the restoration process from start to finish so your home or business is restored to pre-loss conditions.

fire house damage

Fire & Smoke Damage Remediation


A catastrophic disaster such as a fire is an emotionally devastating experience. No other disaster can wipe out years of memories and hard work as quickly as a fire. We at Kleen Kare understand your situation and are trained to salvage the salvageable.
Fire damage is often misunderstood: the majority of the damage results from the smoke. Unlike fire damage, smoke damage is difficult to identify unless you are a professional. Some smoke damage isn’t visible while others require special cleaning methods. While some smoke damage can be treated by non-professionals, the majority of smoke damage needs a professional touch. It is best to contact professionals to restore your home or business to pre-loss conditions. Kleen Kare is on call 24 hours a day to provide you quality service in your time of need. We will handle all areas of fire and smoke damage including deodorization, wall & floor cleaning, carpet repair & installation, and contents cleaning.

mould restoration

Mold Remediation


Kleen Kare’s Mold Remediation removes dangerous and unhealthy organisms using the latest equipment and methods to improve the indoor environment and occupant safety. Ongoing training of our staff in the latest methods is a priority at Kleen Kare. The problems behind a poor indoor air environment are complex. We use multiple tools and disciplines, such as occupant health profiles, building science, microbiology, water damage restoration, and cleaning to determine the extent of microbial contamination and the appropriate remediation.
Industry-recognized procedures and methods are used to manage potentially dangerous microorganisms. Some of these methods include airflow management containment and air-filtering devices, demolition and dustless drywall removal, air-assisted cleaning devices, and appropriate biocides. Kleen Kare offers complete restoration of your home. From mitigation, dry out and demolition, to full build back of your home, Kleen Kare is here to serve you.

Our Drop-Off Service can save you money on your portable upholstery.

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